Sekai no Shushi

Xiang Feng

冯相 | CS Graduate


  • Appearance&Rendering
  • Physically Based Animation
  • Technical Art


  • Zhejiang University 09/2022 - Present

    M.Sc. in Computer Science 

  • Zhejiang University 09/2018 - 06/2022

    B.Eng. in Computer Science  


Gaussian Splashing: Dynamic Fluid Synthesis with Gaussian Splatting

Arxiv 2024
*: contributed equally

Learning Photometric Feature Transform for Free-form Object Scan

Xiang Feng, Kaizhang Kang, Fan Pei, Huakeng Ding, Jinjiang You, Ping Tan, Kun Zhou, Hongzhi Wu
Arxiv 2023

Real-time Acquisition and Reconstruction of Dynamic Volumes with Neural Structured Illumination

Yixin Zeng*, Zoubin Bi*, Mingrui Yin, Xiang Feng, Kun Zhou, Hongzhi Wu

CVPR 2024
*: contributed equally

Differentiable Dynamic Visible-Light Tomography

Kaizhang Kang*, Zoubin Bi*, Xiang Feng, Yican Dong, Kun Zhou, Hongzhi Wu

SIGGRAPH Asia 2023
*: contributed equally


Asuna: Vulkan-based Path Tracer

Asuna is a renderer base on vulkan ray tracing pipeline with NVIDIA card. It supports both rendering with gui and headless rendering. It implements multiple importance Monte Carlo sampling and fundamental materials.

Skeleton Animation

Loading joint animation and skinned mesh from glTF.